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The Simply Chic Collar is perfect for small dogs as well as our feline friends.  

This collar speaks for ' . . . the  best fur darlings in the world'.

Our feline collars include a tinkle bell keeping all of nature out of harms way.



Simply Chic

SKU: 0005
    1. The  Simply Chic Collar is approximately 1.5" wide.  Available in sizes from 7" to 10".  
    2. Accent beads and structual cords vary and are decided by our Bumbeez Designers. 
    3. The Simply Chic design is finished either with a side release buckle or a toggle and is not designed to be used with a leash.
    4. It's important to size our furry friends neck properly - Please refer to the Sizing Instruction Page to follow instructions on how to measure your pet properly.
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