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About Us

Founded in 2015, Bumbeez has evolved through its founder, an entrepreneur with a marketing career devoted to creative, unique, non-traditional ideas.

Shifting focus . . . was inspired by love of furry darlings who have a knack for stealing your heart and affection.  It's no wonder 'The Best Dog in World' is universally shared. With this in mind, faced with finding a collar worthy of the best dog who would have nothing to do with a froufrou, common collar.  No, this fur child deserved only the best in fashion and originality.


Casting a discriminating eye on luxury, trends and savvy, she set out to handcraft collars befitting every style and personality - Not just our companions but the proud, forward thinking moms and dads of furry charmers.

Living the mantra ' . . . pet me, hug me, make me feel cheap' - Now, that's  not froufrou, That's unconditional love

. . . and the LuvDog Collection was born. 

This is just the beginning.  Bumbeez collars will be followed by carefully curated leads, harnesses and uncommon luxury dog and feline products with a global view, culture and diversity.

Stay Tuned...