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When a Collar Isn't . . . Just a Collar

The Creme De La 'Creme is the epitome of delicacy  and style.  Designed to elevate our furry charmers, majestic males and females alike . . . after all, crown jewels don't discriminate.

Soon to be available for pet Mom's.


For Felines - it is the cats meow

and comes with a tinkle bell to keep all of nature out of harms way.


La 'Creme

SKU: 0007
    1. Simply Crown Jewel is 2 strands and approximately 1/2" wide with accent charms of golden core brass with glass rhinestones in light amethyst.
    2. Materials made of exceptional durable nylon structual cord and highest quality side buckles.
    3. Bumbeez Collars are made of the most durable and finest materials designed to be worn either with a leash or harness. Keep in mind harnesses are considered the safer and healther choice and recommended.
    4. Accent beads and structual cords vary and are decided by our Bumbeez Designers for each collar.
    5. Bumbeez collars are custom made to size and Hand Made in US with the best in style side buckles made strong and durable.
    6. It's important to size your dogs neck properly. Follow the instructions on the Sizing Instruction Page - to assure proper sizing for your custom collar.
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