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LuvDog 'Sexy Beast' is an example of our buyers scouring the world for beads that bring unique style to a classic design.  Loved by all 'Sexy Beasts' ...both male and female.  Each block of color is available in Monochromatic, Two-Colors or 'Shades-Of'.  Featured picture shows Indigo/Sky blue seamlessly coupled with our LuvDog Antique Silver Beads.  Offered in a wide range of colors highlighting LuvDog heart beads in your choice of antique silver or gold.  The 'Sexy Beast' wide collar makes a bold statement for style, personality and confidence - only 'the best, for the best'. Inspired by our very own Goldendoodle.




Luv Sexy Beast

SKU: 00012
    1. Luv Sexy Beast collar is approximately 1 1/4" wide - 4 strands. Available in sizes from 12" to 24" and priced accordingly.
    2. Materials made of exceptional durable nylon structual cord and highest quality side buckles.
    3. Bumbeez Collars are made of the most durable and finest materials designed to be worn either with a leash or harness. Keep in mind harnesses are considered the safer and healther choice and recommended.
    4. Accent beads and structual cords vary and are decided by our Bumbeez Designers for each collar.
    5. Bumbeez collars are custom made to size and Hand Made in US with the best in style side buckles made strong, durable and used in all temperatures. The buckles are available in either brass or silver plating to go with the LuvDog silver or gold styled beads used in each design.
    6. It's important to size your dogs neck properly. Follow the instructions on the Sizing Instruction Page - to assure proper sizing for your custom collar.
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