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The Aura Style from our LuvDog Collection comes in a myriad of colors.  The style is perfect for most size dogs and popular with male and females alike. 

The design reflects its name - the colorful beads surrounds the love you share with  'the best dog in the world'. 

Aura collars come in solid colors, Glow or 'Shades-Of'.  The image features 'ShadesOf' Plum and  "ShadesOf' Jade; All Glow Silver and All Glow Gold.  Appealing Glow Beads make the curious adventurer and evening walks safer. . . and beautiful collars by day.  

Like all of Bumbeez Collections, each collar is custom made to size and Hand Made in US with the best in style side buckles made strong, durable and used in all temperatures. The buckles are available in either brass or silver plating to go with the LuvDog silver or gold styled beads used in each design.

Luv Aura

SKU: 0009