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A group of fans for every Collection - whether they're 'Livn' Large' showing off the bold luxury collar, showing their Aura or just a Sexy Beast with lots of Moxie, they share the Freedom of Love, Diversity and Culture in our special luxury collections or . . . just being the Best Family Friend In The World.



Bella & Lucy . . . 

'The Girly Girls of Orange County' and

Protectors of their "Kassel".  The Purple Moon A'Glo design, from the Crown Jewel Collection, fit only for these  Princess Royalties while holding court.  

LotteSimply  BoneJour_edited_edited.png

Lotte, Molly & Lilly run in the same east coast circles while Mom is the celeb Dog Walker.  Bone Jour & Pawz Collars make these ladies 'leaders of the pack'- and Lilly just 1 Degree of separation from guess who . . .

'Simply Me' Collection

Pawz Collection

Love Dogs with Loving Moms; Pocket Poodles with Pet Lovers.  Luxury Dog Collars

'Simply Me' Collection

This beautiful collar was designed specifically for Licorice.  Created with our 'LuvDog' antique silver beads accented with red and silver charms . . .named Simply 'Licky' after our LA Diva. 

This Puppy is always ready for her close up. Wearing a Beautiful Love Dog Collar.

'LuvDog' Collection

Harper is always ready for her close up.

Showing off her Green and Gold Moxie Collar, accented with Glow beads for her evening walks...Saving her Dads favorite Purple, White & Silver Collar for Jersey Shore weekends.

'Simply Me' Collection

The colors for Jasper's collar are inspired by her Mom's hair salon Logo for Janet Waddell Studio NYC.  When Jasper isn't working in the Studio, she's enjoying her Freedom Collar from the LuvDog Collection.


'LuvDog' Moxie Collection

Have to keep an eye on this smart pup.  Yobi knows how to open doors and developed a knack for escaping.

He has real moxie and wears it well. 

German Shepherd wih Luxury Collar



Simply Bone Jour Collection

Gobi Bty Diana Patio Orange_edited_edite

" . . .Mom's planning a party.  I don't see Treats on the List - Do you?" 

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